The longer you wait…

…the harder it is to write a blog post it seems!

I haven’t died. Just had the craziest 6 months of my life. Blogging would probably have helped me process a lot of the stuff going on in my life but I didn’t have the energy.

So here we are, what’s changed?

  1. I moved house. Now I live with my parents and my 17 year old brother. It is equal parts great and frustrating.
    27 year olds are not meant to co-exist with their parents for long periods of time.
    6 months down, 9 months to go.
  2. I sorted my finances out. post-34976-felicia-day-yay-gif-tumblr-weh-gamd
  3. I swapped my car for an automatic because point 1 above comes with a 110 mile round daily trip to the office. Meet Felix McFordface:



  4. I’ve improved my health. Not as drastically as I might like but I’ve lost a stone in 3 months and improved my overall fitness so I’m happy if I continue as I am.
  5. June was a crazy month for me. I attended 2 Hen Do’s and the wedding of one of my dearest friends. The UK voted to Leave the EU (I still cannot grasp this.) I went to Boston with work. I started June in a relationship and ended it single.June Collage
  6. Crafts wise I’ve been focusing on the biggest thing I’ve ever done. Making a wedding cake for one of my best friends. The wedding is this weekend and I am definitely not freaking out. Photos and a how I did it post to come!

So now you’re all up to date, I’ve got a fair number of projects lined up and some posts in the pipeline so I promise not to wait 6 months to post again!


Comments Welcome!

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